Amy Ethington


Jack Tranter

Amy Ethington and Jack Tranter

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Our Story

Technically... we met in Rome, Italy spring of our junior year of college. Thanks to a mutual friend, (CC: Alex Holliday), we realized a handful of USC students were in Rome for the weekend from our respective study abroad locations. No sparks flew - it wasn't love at first sight, just two friends of friends meeting for the first time drinking cheap wine. Amy was also wondering why this guy thought it was ok to wear a Gamecock football jersey to the historic Vatican City. Fast forward a year to the last weekend of classes at USC and we ran into each other once again. This time the sparks flew and one of us left the bar with a very big crush on that "boy from Florida". As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. Over the course of the next year we both graduated and parted ways to travel the world before starting work - eventually finding ourselves in the 'real world' and ready to make our relationship official. A lot of airline miles, a move from Boston, a dog named Scout, a home purchase, and 5 years later - we can't wait to start our next journey as husband and wife!
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